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The following links may be useful all on their own, but are offered primarily as a convenience for readers of the print book Privacy Tactics. These are the links from the chapter Additional Resource sections.

Link Disclaimer: These links are those found in the Additional Resource sections of the Privacy Tactics book. (Possibly with updates where appropriate.) Except where otherwise noted, these links lead off this site. They're here for the convenience of readers. No endorsement is made or should be implied unless explicitly stated. Nor can we accept responsibility for their content. If you find anything that seems overly objectionable, and believe we should not link to their site, let us know and we'll re-examine that site's value to our goals.


SANS InfoSec Reading Room
Many papers on computer security, including social hacking. Note: this site uses .pdf files embedded in a web page. It may not work for some browsers.

A true and truly scary story about a real life social hack test. If you think it was a fluke, check the links at the bottom of the page for more.

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Advisory on social engineering

University of Dayton School of Law
Definitions and descriptions of several forms of computer crime.

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