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Privacy Tactics is available from several online booksellers. You can find it by going to your bookseller of choice and searching for keywords such as "privacy tactics." Alternatively, bookstores may allow you to search for titles based on their "International Standard Book Number." (ISBN)

The ISBN for privacy tactics is: 0-9744497-0-9

If the book still cannot be found, it means that bookseller's database is quite possibly not up to date with all of the latest titles available. In that case, you can always just order stright from or directly from the publisher.

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You may purchase Privacy Tactics directly from the publisher, (TetraMesa), right here...

Privacy Tactics Order Page

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If you prefer to shop at your local bookstore, any retail bookstore can order on your behalf. All they need is proper means to locate the product. If ordering through a retailer who does not have the book in stock, simply give the retailer the following information:

Title: Privacy Tactics
Author: Scott Germaise
Publisher: TetraMesa, Nanuet, NY
ISBN #: 0-9744497-0-9

Easy to Print Book Information

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Shipping Regions

  • When ordering directly from the Publisher, TetraMesa, orders will be shipped only within the United States and Canada.
  • Customers outside of those areas may purchase the book from their preferred online vendor or retail bookseller. An eBook version is available directly from the publisher for those preferring this format. As there is no shipping involved, publisher direct eBook sales are available anywhere in the world; however transactions must be in US funds and via credit card or PayPal only.
  • Publisher direct orders will ship from warehouse in Maumee, Ohio USA.

Shipping Time

  • When ordering directly from publisher, items will usually be shipped within 2 business days, regardless of shipping method chosen. Any temporary out of stock information will be clearly noted during the ordering process with an expected ship date.
  • When ordering from other vendors, customers will need to check that vendor's shipping policies.

USPS logo - and - UPS logo

Shipping Charges

  • For direct from publisher orders, shipping charges will be calculated based on your location and chosen shipping method. Not all shipping methods are available for all locations. A shipping method you select on the initial ordering screen may automatically change once you've entered your full shipping address information.
  • Shipping charges will be calculated and displayed during the ordering process after you have entered your Ship To: address. You will then be able to select your shipping option based on your price/time preference.
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We accept the following credit cards.

Credit Cards Accepted

Some online and offline booksellers may accept additional credit cards or payment methods. When ordering from any online source, choose options for using a "secure server" wherever possible. This will ensure your credit card information is transmitted to your vendor of choice in a secure manner.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but we can no longer accept . While PayPal is a fine service for many needs, it so happens that we've experienced too high a degree of fraud incidence without adequate resolution. We always suggest that consumers be aware of credit card or payment service policies and how well they're protected from fraud and privacy issues.

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If you experience a problem with an online order, you must contact the vendor in question to have it resolved. If you have ordered directly from TetraMesa, just send us an e-mail via our Contact page with the details of the problem.

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Items may only be returned to their original point of purchase. You may not purchase an item, for example, at a retail outlet and then return it to an online store. If you have a product which is eligible for return, but have problems with a bookseller with regards to a return, please let us know about it and we will contact that merchant on your behalf. However, we may have limited means of affecting that process. Please be aware of return policies with any vendor you choose. You may contact us via the Contact section.

You may return most items sold by TetraMesa/Privacy Tactics within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. We cannot accept returns of some items, including:

  • Items returned more than 30 days after delivery.
  • Items not in original condition, or are damaged in ways rendering the item not sellable, even as a used product.
    (E.g. books with obvious signs of use.)

If you are returning an item ordered directly from the publisher, you must send an Email to us for a return authorization number. We will notify you via Email once we've received and processed the item. Simply use our Contact form to do so. Refunds will be in the same form of payment used for purchase and will occur within 5 to 10 business days of our receiving the item.

When packing a return, please be sure to include a print out of your return authorization number Email. This will facilitate faster processing of your refund.

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PDF IconElectronic Books come in several formats and are potentially viewable on a variety of hardware platforms. eBooks can be read on some Personal Digital Assistants, (PDAs), Pocket PC's, dedicated eBook readers and notebook or desktop computers. Different formats are available for these various hardware devices. Though not all formats are necessarily available on all hardware platforms. Any time you are going to purchase an eBook, you must be sure that the device you intend to use supports the format in which the eBook is available.

One of the most popular eBook formats is the Adobe Portable Document Format (File extensions are .pdf.) And requires the Adobe Acrobat reader software. Acrobat readers software is available for the personal computer platform as well as many handheld devices. This software is free and available from Adobe.Just click on this icon/link Link to Adobe Acrobat to get it. If you need further help with Acrobat, see the Adobe Acrobat Help section.

The eBook version of Privacy Tactics is available only in the Adobe .pdf format at this time.

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