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Partners & vendors

Privacy Tactics is published by TetraMesa.

TetraMesa Publishing

TetraMesa publishing or the author have business relationships with the following companies. (Note: When using these links, TetraMesa may receive credit for referring you. However, no personal information about you is transmitted. Only that an individual came to the new site via this one.)
Provides shopping cart services for physical and digital product fulfillment, hosting, form-based easy store setup or customizeable options.

Practice Pay Solutions
Provides merchant account processing and secure credit card transactions.

Provides secure payment systems via the Paypal system.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
Division of RJ Communications. Primary book printer for offset versions of the book and distibutors of Print on Demand, (POD), versions via Thor subsidiary.
Bookseller outlet. Part of the RJ Comuncationions companies.
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Designed cover and internal typesetting for Privacy Tactics
Copyediting for Privacy Tactics

Website and Marketing Consulting, B&, addtional online and offline booksellers.
In some cases, TetraMesa publishing has a direct relationship with specific retailers. However, most retail sales will usually occur via a distributor.

Affiliate Programs
In addition to the distrubution relationships noted above, TetraMesa publishing or the author may have online affiliate program relationships as well. In other words, clicking through on a purchase link from this site to another site and completing an order may result in a commission to this site. (This does not affect your price from the merchant.)

Internet Content Ratings Association (ICRA)
Provides content ratings systems and services to the Internet community; based on the W3C Platform for Internet Content Selection, (PICS), standards.

ICRA Content Labeling Site

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