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Top 5 Ways to Protect Personal Information Assets


Nanuet, NY (March 25, 2004) – According to the FTC’s January, 2004 Consumer Sentinel Report, over a half million consumer fraud and identity fraud complaints were lodged in 2003. And major junk email statistics sources show junk email – or spam – as between 50 to 60 percent of all email.


Privacy Tactics, a new 400 page book on consumer privacy, describes in-depth how to protect personal information assets against these and other sorts of attacks with over 40 personal information privacy and security tactics.


Here are some of the basic top tactics consumers may use, but often don’t; thus placing themselves at higher risk for simple wastes of their time through the difficulties of identity fraud.


q     Don’t give out more information than necessary for a transaction!

o       Most businesses ask for more than they need. Don’t automatically cough up information that’s not really needed.

o       Check into privacy policies the same way you check return and other policies.


q     Stay alert to your own status!

o       Carefully check banking, credit card and other statements.

o       Consider personal credit monitoring services.


q     Really FOLLOW the basic rules for “Computer Cleanliness”

o       Keep computer virus and junk mail software up to date.

o       Use “anti-spyware” programs if you have a tendency to download a lot of Internet “freebie” type programs.

o       Use a password to protect home wireless networks.

o       Use firewall software or a firewall in your router if you use a router.

o       Do not click on program files in Email unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE of their source, why they were sent and what they are.

o       Avoid storing sensitive data, (or use encryption products), for laptop computers.

o       Pay attention to kid’s online usage.


q     Protect your paper!

o       Shred anything with personally identifying information on it before tossing it out.

q     Choose carefully where and when to Opt-in to promotions or freebies!

o       Only opt-in to promotions or deals after checking what will be done with information you provide.


Privacy Tactics includes everything from how to decrease exposure to junk Email & viruses, junk postal mail, hidden tracking of Internet use, credit card/identity theft, safety techniques for home networks and more. Additionally, Privacy Tactics offers an introduction to the history of how ideas about privacy have developed in the United States along with overviews of major laws affecting citizens’ privacy.


Privacy Tactics is available online from TetraMesa Publishing at and major online bookstores. Customers can have their favorite local bookstore order via Ingram. (ISBN 0-9744497-0-9 / 400 page paperback / $24.95)


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Review copies available on request.  Author Scott Germaise is available for interviews. 


Contact: Scott Germaise 845-348-3946 

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